Shorin-ji (points and circles) is a fundamental principle in Kokondo both Jukido and Karate. This influence comes from China. Shorin-ji promotes speed and fluidity. The combination of circular defenses and low, strong stances with linear striking techniques provide a student with an arsenal of very powerful techniques.


Jushin (center line) is another fundamental principle. All techniques directed to the attacker's center line will be significantly more effective. When a technique is directed to the center line, the attacker absorbs the entire amount of energy directed to him. When a technique is not on center line, the body will move or rotate. This movement will reduce the amount of energy applied to the target area.


Kuzushi (unbalancing) is a principle which uses the motion or energy of the attacker. When a person is over extended or off balance, there is uncontrolled energy in that direction. The defender, with proper balance, distance, and timing will make use of this energy. By adding the attacker's energy with the defender's energy a very powerful technique is generated.